Robbie the Rabbit

It was not a typical scene to know you Little Fella, Your Fury, maybe your not groomed due to Lockdown. Communication is quite imposible, your a rabbit Yet it happened. Day one, you kept me up for four hours I can’t sleep because of your prescence Its fine, because I choose to And I love […]

April 1, 2021

Im gonna need to write this down, I. dont. Want. To. Forget. It is the day, that I don’t want to forget, I want to remember, that I keep forgetting things… That I think about it today, That I will loose all of this, I just thought I might just be forgetful, Maybe its natural, […]

I’ll be waiting

Till the time comes up, I will. I’ll be waiting for that day to come, That day that I will meet you. I will be staring at you the longest possible I could be with out blinking, I know why, because I will be mesmirize by you. I will ask you about yourself because I […]

Should I be lessoned about Love?

Heres What Love is for me… A sense of bitterness, it must blossom from sadness… I at the moment IS loveless, not by the Family but of the opposite sex. Badly want to be with someone, yet opportunity never visits my store… Tried pulling of stunts from the past, Like being loud, utter LOUD and […]

Shes signing off…

Do you know what it looks like, It is a feeling, It was a word from your beloved It was bleeding… How does she feel before signing off… It was like loosing your favorite toy… When your playing badminton near the cliff and the wind blew your last shuttlecock down the steap. When your flying […]


I hit my head to reality of death And now it makes me dizzy and blue. It takes time to heal But the presence, the absence of it is what I feel. I didnt touch you for the day Thinking there will be more days for me to do it I choose to let you […]

On way crush

So I was there tge whole time, Having crush with this guy Too bad both of us is busy And we didn’t spare a “Hi” to each other. I know him, He knows me We are acquinted but not that close Its a casual thing I guess But I think I like him the most… […]

Mindead Part I

She asked me to forget her already So I did what she told me, It was easy for me to do so I just need a minute to do it. Every one in the room ask me why I didn’t see her They say I am insane for not noticing But what would I do […]

How to correct things beautifully

So I was trying to paint a master piece But adding another detail make it a little too much, And now I have tried fixing it And turn out to be a kittle nicer than I thought. Adding too much details at times makes your medium full Or emptier because it adds confussion. But trying […]