On way crush

So I was there tge whole time, Having crush with this guy Too bad both of us is busy And we didn’t spare a “Hi” to each other. I know him, He knows me We are acquinted but not that close Its a casual thing I guess But I think I like him the most… […]

Mindead Part I

She asked me to forget her already So I did what she told me, It was easy for me to do so I just need a minute to do it. Every one in the room ask me why I didn’t see her They say I am insane for not noticing But what would I do […]

How to correct things beautifully

So I was trying to paint a master piece But adding another detail make it a little too much, And now I have tried fixing it And turn out to be a kittle nicer than I thought. Adding too much details at times makes your medium full Or emptier because it adds confussion. But trying […]


Its been a week since I saw it. It wont leave no matter how fast I run I have tried hiding but it doesn’t make sense, it always follow me. Have tried ignorning but it wakes up my attention no matter what. Why did I look upon its gaze, Why do I dance on its […]

Perfect fit!

I was trying to find inspiration For my poems so words would be in position Tgen I stumbled upon my bag And found a piece for my blog. It was a toothbrush cap and a stapler Two different things , not even good for a pair Yet they fit perfectly Together, well unintentionally Then this […]

How problems are solved.

There are times when you feel anxoius About work, home, friends or someone precious Your worried about stuffs that might make you fall Or excited about something wonderful. When times like this came what should we do? When your worried with something you didn’t do. Let’s discuss this one by one And understood what shpuld […]

Little Fellas

You litte creatures With tiny paws, you features… Small whiskers on the cheeks Detects ever movement of the stick. You sleep all day long Even with the presence of loud annoying songs! You can be lazy for a day Without anyone shouting you, HEY! Your “PURRR~” makes my heart warm Knowing it means you are […]


One less load… Stay away self… try to vanish just once… Try a never ending journey without turning back… Walk as far as you can… And let them have one less load… Your lost, yeah I know but your on a track of despair… You wanted to escape so bad so why stop now… You […]


Life draining out of me… Leaving my body day by day… Toxic world and people… When will be the day it ends… Before that leave me my cats… Give me time to say goodbye… And I’ll go without sadness or regrets… Move forward to somewhere I dont know… Sleep let me have you for today… […]


Sometimes as the word it may seem its obvious…. But life is full of it. And it never ends with it… It could be it, ir maybe worst. Just depend on how you would conquer it